Choose comfortable but chic travel clothes

Apr 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Looking for a perfect outfit to arrive on a Friday night for a weekend of fun in the countryside? This is just that.

These Ralph Lauren leggings are seriously comfortable, whilst also being super flattering thanks to the zip detail on the ankle which ensures every inch of your leg is suitably hugged. For me the light blue silk pussy-bow shirt helps break up the matchy-matchy element, too. And who says you can’t wear a statement shoe in the country? These are Celine and add an edge to this look.

Above: Leggings Ralph Lauren, Shirt Brand, Jumper Brand, Bag Fairfax & Favor, Shoes Celine
Invest in a perfect weekender bag and it will last forever. You can even have this fairfax * Favor tote embossed with your initials, something that makes a great gift.
The Cadogan Travel Bag,